Set up your site preferences

You will be able to manage the behavior of your digest and widget soon after adding your site to your News@me account.

Add Sender email address

This choice is important because it will be the email address that users see when they receive your News@me newsletters.We suggest you choose a name like or so that it is clear and intuitive for your reader that what they are receiving are your updates and news.

Set Time zone

All the events of your website will be set and displayed by taking into account this time zone. It 'important to configure the area related to your website. This value should never be changed. For Italy, we recommend setting it to Rome.

Choose Site language

Depending on the current language of your site, you will be able to choose the language in which the service will be offered to your audience. At the moment we are able to offer an English and Italian version of the service to your readers.

Choose Digest frequency

This is a strategic choice that depends on what you want to do with News@me. The default choice is One email per day, by which the user will find the news of their choice that you've just published the day before sending. By choosing One email per month users will receive a weekly newsletter with all the news of their choice published in a week. Your personalized newsletters do not all start on the same day: for example, if a user subscribes to your site on Tuesday, she will receive the personalized newsletter on the next coming Tuesday, while those registering on Wednesday will receive it on the following Wednesday. Same procedure, but with a greater range, if you choose the interval One email per month.

Set Delivery time

Schedule the delivery of the digest notifications as it best works for you. Scheduling the delivery could be strategic for quite a few reasons. One example is that you might know your readers get to their desk at around 10am, so you could schedule your digest notifications to be delivered at some point around that time.

Call to action
Show the title or the tag of the article

This choice is possible when articles are tagged with the News@me tags otherwise the widget will continue to use the title of the article in the call-to-action.

Let's see the two options in action.
In this example, it is the title of the article that's been used by the widget "If you want updates for Political portraits in the media age enter your e-mail in the box below:" and the reader might find this article interesting and subscribe.

In the second example we want to show the News@me tags instead of the title and the widget will show to the readers this call-to-action: "If you want updates for Contemporary Art, Exhibition, Politics enter your e-mail in the box below:" and the reader might find these topics of his interest and subscribe.

​We suggest you try both solutions and then pick the one that will work best in terms of newsletter subscriptions.

​​ Add Privacy policy

To start using the service you will need to have defined a Privacy policy as users leave their email address and should be informed about the processing you do with it.
​This URL will be the one shown by the News@me widget.

Add DEM statement

News@me allows you, as an option to request acceptance to the processing of data "email user" for promotional purposes and direct email marketing. ​​In this field you will be placing the URL that refers to the part of your privacy policy where is explicitly expressed the concept that you will use the email addresses also for purposes other than just sending out news and updates. The URL should then return to a web page with the statement on the use of your data for the purpose of Direct Email Marketing, DEM.​

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